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Boston, MA 02116
tel. 1-617-236-0101
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It is “the Dessange Philosophy” that gives the salons a uniformity of style from Paris to Tokyo and from Tokyo to Washington.
When asked the question “Why do women come to your salons?”, Mr DESSANGE answers :
“We think that it is the combination of several factors, trust, capacity for good advice, the ability to treat each customer as an individual, as well as maintaining high quality techniques. Customers are more and more demanding. You no longer can argue that a product or a service is a luxury just because it is expensive. We have to give them satisfaction for their money.
Our reputation comes from our brand image and the care that we take to keep it the best. Above all, we keep our promises.
Being attentive to women, complementing them on their looks, increasing their confidence and self esteem and giving them a hairdo that makes them feel good about themselves – these are the Dessange driving forces”.
The group owes its success and originality to the training given to all Dessange franchisees, each one replicating the formula and following the same philosophy.
The Dessange franchise system is in essence, an experience, a technique, a professional philosophy and a strategy of communication.
Dessange salons guarantee services of very high quality together with a welcoming atmosphere. In exporting its style around the world, this prestigious label of elegance fulfils not only a dream, but a mission which is:
To put high quality within everyone’s reach