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..The wedding portrait is fantastic. You're brought together and old world look of this couple into today which captures an essence of soul connecting commitment that is difficult to find in today's world. It is very touching. To many of today's wedding portraits are glassy and slick. I hope you get what you are worth becasue this is the kind of portrait that lasts for the century, giving inspiration to those who view it in later years..

Dolly Miller-Brennan, Owner/Photographer at Brennan Artography


I love this portrait setting as opposed to a studio or out in the woods where they would never go. This focuses on their life bringing it into the portrait creating real memories and I equally love the expression on the baby's face.

Dolly Miller-Brennan, Professional Photographer



I love this, real people, real life, timeless quality, affection and such a sense of spirituality. You capture it Igor in the most unlikely people and places, thus uis real America. I love this, love, love it.

Dolly Miller-Brennan, Professional Photographer